Curves are for everyone! Food & Nutrition Keto vs. Vegetarian and the role of body shaping!

Keto vs. Vegetarian and the role of body shaping!

Keto vs. Vegetarian and the role of body shaping!

In today’s world being fit is very important. Many people have allowed social media influences and other celebrities to decide on how to be fit and what one should eat. Unfortunately, many times this is done with paid endorsements or social media influence following the current trend not on the science of the diet and if it healthy or not. The reality is being fit is accomplished with exercise routines designed to shape one’s body through rigorous diet and exercise. Many of this diet routines involve the necessary building block of protein combined with caloric intake (or lack of). This can be accomplished with various diets based on either meat or plant-based diets programs. Everyone wants to stay fit and the various routes to proper diet routes to body transformation is various.  One question we must ask about is the role of a Keto based diet versus a Vegetarian diet. To answer this issue, we must have to know the basics.

There are various types of exercises routines which help you shape your body. The most common forms of exercise are anerobic versus aerobic. Although common, there are variations to each routine. The food plans one follows is even more complex. This complexity is due to personal choice, cultural and your ability to cook or prepare the food to reach your goal.

You can shape your body just by following these various diet plans or ideas. Let us have a look at some of the very famous and at the same time effective diets. There are various types of diet plans (food) available which you can follow for maintaining your body weight. 

Have a quick look at the following two diet foods and why they are important? How they help you in shaping your body well and what their similarities and point of differences between both diets. 

  1. Keto diet food.
  2. Vegetarian diet food.

What is keto diet?

One of the very famous as well as effective diet food is the Keto diet. It is also known as ketogenic diet.  Keto diet generally includes lots of animal food that is meat. This diet is inclusive of moderate proteins with a good proportion of fat alongside with very few carbohydrates in the meal. The less carbohydrates intake helps it in making the most appropriate and optimum diet for weight loss. 

It strictly avoids starch foods such as potatoes and corn in the diet. Keto diet restricts high scratch foods. Ketogenic diet is said to have high proteins as it contains lots of meat and animal products. This helps the body to easily get the proteins in the body while eliminating much of carbohydrates. 

Keto diet is the best possible alternative to lose weight in the short run without compromising on much proteins and nutrients. This diet also has the goal of putting your body thru what is known as ketosis, which involves intermittent fasting. This process uses timed eating guidelines throughout the day when one should or could eat for example 11am to 7pm; nothing before 11am and nothing after 7pm. The idea is before and after these time periods your body will rely on your already existing body fat to fuel your body, instead of carbs. This is what is known as the metabolic sate.

Remember proteins are the basic building blocks for muscle growth. This muscle growth is needed to burn calories and add muscle to your frame whether thin or plus size to begin the shaping of your body. Hence, the body transformation you are hoping for. 

Benefits of keto diet:

      1. Easy weight loss in short time

  • Mental focus
  • Helps in overcoming neurological disorders such as epilepsy
  • Prevents the risk of getting certain cancers
  1. Also helps in preventing metabolic disorders
  2. Improves glucose levels 
  3. Controls blood pressure
  4. Maintains cholesterol levels 
  5. Also useful for people who have diabetes 

What is a vegetarian diet? 

Vegetarian diet also popularly known as vegan diet. It includes no meat and more of whole vegetables and fruits. In some of the vegan diets it also excludes the intake of honey in the meal. Vegan diet is exclusive from all types of animal products or fishery or husbandry. 

Those individuals who wish to contribute their steps towards conservation of animals or for animal welfare, prefer to follow a vegan diet. They support vegetarian diets for environmental reasons. They obtain their proteins and nutrients from a plant-based products diet. 

Following a vegan diet not only contributes to conservation of animals but also helps an individual live a healthier and longer life. Also, a vegan diet prevents your body from getting affected by any chronic diseases such as heart diseases or risk of cancer.

Vegan diet is not only environmentally friendly as well as a cost-effective diet plan for lowering down the body mass index. Vegan diet also helps in lowering the levels of blood pressure and sugar in the body. It also helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body of an individual who follows a vegan diet. It is often overlooked on the how many sources of protein are available in a vegan based diet. This includes but surely not limited to lupini beans, tofu, textured vegetable protein, bean pasta. Also available is various protein powder shakes and the numerous quick and easy recipes for at home smoothies a person can make themselves.  

According to the research and studies it has been observed that vegan diets are twice more effective than any other diet for weight loss and body mass index reduction.  To sum up, keto diet is a speedy formula for weight loss but once you leave the diet the weight increases at the same speed and in twice the quantity. But vegan diet is a moderate formula for weight loss, but once you leave the diet there is no side effect of the same. 

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