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How fitness and nutrition is hard during a surging pandemic?

In today’s fast paced life, it has become very difficult to keep track of our fitness with our lifestyles. Prior to the pandemic, this had been especially true when it comes to proper nutrition and the things we eat. The advent in technology has made us very lazy and very dependent on fast food. Obesity had already been on the rise since the 1990’s prior to the arrival of the pandemic. The result of this emergence of obesity has led fitness to being pursued as commitment for a select group of the population.  Many people would hardly have such focus on at home fitness and nutrition prior to the pandemic with such emphasis as we are seeing today. This was a result of of the virus forcing many to focus on their overall well being , gym’s forced to close, and normal fitness activities including outdoor group events such as yoga being canceled or restricted. We know how essential physical fitness is for living a virtuous and healthy life. Exercise and a healthy diet are proving to be even more important and necessary to keep our sanity as we live through the difficulties of a global pandemic.

Success in your fitness goals is not about having a perfect body. A perfect body really does not exist, it does not mean having a slim body only not being morbidly obese.  We all come in different shapes and that is part of what makes us special. The means to have a fit body includes a maintained body that is consistently achieving a balanced diet and improved metabolism. This is part of the challenge of maintain physical fitness and proper nutrition during a global pandemic. Whatever is your body’s shape it does not matter unless it is a fit for you individually. A 6’8 men’s college basketball player weighting 185 lbs with 5% body fat is not the same for a 5’1 female gymnast . Due to height, sex and age variety and individual preference, there is no one size fits all plan, only at best doctor recommendations. No matter who ever comes and tells you whether you are skinny or too fat, the truth is that you are fit from within and maintaining your individual goal and property mindset will require your own motivation. The difficulty to stay motivated is under attack brought on by the pandemic and the necessary restrictions.

We have seen a media driven societal trend of getting slimmer as a correlation of being fit. Ads filled with skinny models are focused on being slim. Everybody wants to hear that they are beautiful, but nobody wants to listen that they are beautiful in their own individuality. Everybody wants to compete and have a body like the images created on television and various social media. People are not happy and satisfied with what they already have.  This mentality has created anxiety brought on by frustration of stay at home orders preventing people from visiting the gym and other wellness activities as they had been accustomed.

Proper and consistent exercise and diet is the key to overall mental health and body transformation. It can be in any form. Exercise done in the form of yoga, running on a track, or lifting weights, will help in balancing the mind and body. This can still bed done during the pandemic and afterwards because it is necessary to the human spirit. Exercise will keep you focused on yourself and provide a short-term distraction to the frustration of how our world has changed during a pandemic. Training the mind along with your body adequately helps you maintain the strength in the body, improves your immunity and help in guarding against depression. The result of staying at home eliminates the excuse of lacking time to exercise, but not the motivation to exercise as people face anxiety as the pandemic remains. Many people are unsure how to begin a home routine, especially for those that never were committed to the benefit of proper nutrition and exercise.

The global pandemic has changed many things and one impact has been that the use of technology. The daily trip to the gym to exercise has received a technological makeover. The daily drive to the gym is an acceptable social ritual for some, even it can consume as much as two hours of their day with travel and the actual exercise. That social ritual sometimes needed for motivation and interaction for those with a common goal among peers. Early during the pandemic because of state or city mandated closures from CDC belief of high incidents of spread; many gyms had to close for months. Luckily, for many of these small businesses, they have opened but with limited capacity, now lacking the benefits resources so many were accustomed to such as personal trainers and fitness classes, which provided the social interaction to stay motivated. Now we see a rise in live stream workouts from home, the Zoom version of the office meeting. The pandemic has done its damage on the gym, and many gym members have adjusted.

There are various ways of training to strengthen your body and shape them adequately. Many people still go gym since they have opened but may only focus specific goals that cannot be done at home, such as weight training or using large expensive equipment such as treadmills. Other adjustments have led some to prefer jogging in the parks to avoid crowds but maintain their fitness. Whatever they do, a little exercise of approximately 25 minutes a day and 5 days a week will benefit you. So, keep your body moving. Nobody is saying you should starve your body or eat less just to reduce the fat, but eat proper and healthy and do a little exercise and set a goal for what you want to achieve for yourself, your perfect body. The body shaping transformation you may want.

Solutions of for physical fitness during the pandemic

  1. The at home workout,

–Initially during the early weeks of the pandemic, there was a surge on home gym equipment. The sudden rise in purchasing exercise equipment and yoga mats left many frustrated and anxious, especially those unaccustomed to exercising from home and lacking the equipment or space needed. After the initial shock of closure, people have adjusted, now realizing this virus will be here still in 2021 and possibly beyond to some degree. There have always been exercise from home programs dating back to 1982 starting with Jane Fonda. With so many home workout programs on the marketplace, options are out there. You will have to do the research to find the right fit for you or ask your friends on social media. The ability to purchase used or new programs on eBay will provide a low-cost option to try various programs on what is right for you. The least expensive method is to watch a free YouTube video of someone performing a workout you are familiar with or interested in. It will require a change in mindset and acceptance on the changing of times, but the possibility is out there as an option for you, to avoid excuses.

  • Live stream personal trainer sessions

With gyms opening throughout the country, many people are reluctant to visit their once daily ritual. The emergence of the live stream has become a popular substitute. The live stream personal trainer is relatively new fad, but one many will find necessary to keep themselves motivated. These live streams/On-demand options are different from redundant DVD/Blue ray exercises that can get old with the same routines , music and bad jokes after a few sessions. The live stream courses provide fresh workouts and variety to keep you engaged. Many services are available for a monthly membership like what you were paying for a gym membership. A subscription to services such as Peloton, Glo, Daily burn start out as low as $15 a month but can go as high as $50 with such services as Core Power Yoga.  Some of these on demand streaming services will require you purchasing specialized equipment such as the Peloton Bike which will set you back $1895 with the addition of the $39 a month membership. Another popular on demand personal trainer is Tempo Studio, NordicTrack Vault, Echelon Reflective Touch and the Mirror, which is common reference for all these (view in a mirror)  programs which runs about $1500 and up depending if you opt for the $250 installation service plus an additional $39 monthly membership. With many of these mirror-based programs you get mic and must be comfortable with an integrated camera so that your performance can be judged by the trainers.  These streaming services all have different options for fitness variety, and you will need to decide what benefit you are wanting before subscribing.

  • Healthy eating from home.

Finally, the healthy eating from home has seen an uptick from the pandemic. With restaurant capacity limited, food delivery services such as door dash have been in demand. This service could do more harm than good with easy fast food and unhealthy meals available with delivery. The opposite impact could be the numerous meal kit companies such as Blue Apron and Meal Chef, which provide well balanced fresh ingredient meals with all the prep work done for you. These subscription services may be costly for some, at an average of $10 a meal but could provide some relief from the day to day decision on deciding on what to eat. These meal creation programs will ease some anxiety on decision making and comfortableness in crowded grocery shopping, which is important in your overall mental health. There is also, a chance of reducing waste on unnecessary food purchase, including but not limited to poor food selection at the grocery store. We all know you should never shop when you are hungry.

Providing variety and healthy food choices as opposed to your traditional pizza delivery and burger joint meals. These are online mail delivery, not a quick fix for hunger so you will have to plan ahead.

As we continue through the pandemic, we must learn from mistakes prior to the pandemic and during the pandemic so we come out better through this ordeal. A fit and healthy body naturally boosts your confidence and self-esteem. It gives you more power to face the public without any fear or anxiety. There should be no letdown in your health due to the pandemic, in fact just the opposite. You need decide on how you want the world to see you and be happy in who you are in that mindset and develop a fitness and nutrition plan around that goal. We can all learn from this time on what is the best way to be our best selves. You can maintain your body by eating a proper and balanced diet even if you lack culinary skills along with various fitness training programs that you are comfortable or can afford. Fitness and nutrition do not have to suffer through the pandemic, there are options to combat this aspect of it, it just requires like most things a motivation and effort on your part.

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