Long post….. I ordered some things online from @forever21 for a photoshoot Br…

🔆Long post…..

🔆I ordered some things online from @forever21 for a photoshoot Bronze515 is doing. I hate forever21 but because of Covid and not being able to try on things, I ordered some XL tops (this is considered plus size) and bottoms that I thought would be really fun for shoot! Long story short. They won’t be here in time for the shoot.

🔆I proceed to head to Mall knowing they may/may not have some of the items in store. I arrive and find out the biggest size they carry in majority of everything is a large but really it’s probably a medium. They removed any XL + clothing from stores and is only available online.

🔆I’m tired of the clothing industry not supporting larger woman. I’m tired of having to walk out of stores disappointed that my XL self can’t find clothes. I left the store went to my car and cried. This is raw footage of me at my weakest moments trying to accept myself for everything I am and more. I won’t let societies standards ruin me nor everything I stand for. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and I should be able to go the fucking store and buy a shirt in my size.

🔆I’ve been blessed with many things in life and being curvy just so happens to be one of them. I hope this resonates with a woman today and that she knows she isn’t alone in this. We will fight to normalize all bodies!

👌Now off to raising caines to eat some fried chicken! 🍗

Xoxo, Leah


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